We are all shooting video with our smartphones and small cameras. The quality rocks and you can capture spontaneous moments because it is the one camera you carry with you all the time.


Companies, organizations and individuals are incorporating smartphone video into their everyday content stream. These cameras are perfect for instantly turning around a story from an event, an interview on location, or taking advantage of a serendipitous moment. Now everyone can be a content creator. The smartphone is the great leveler of video storytelling.


Unfortunately the lens is really wide so many of your images are poorly framed with your subject small in the frame.  And the microphone is optimized for phone conversations so the audio is often muddled, with your viewer struggling to understand the words above the clutter of unwanted background sounds.


But you can accomplish great things with a smartphone. That is if you practice these Seven Steps to Great Video. These are simple ways to ensure that the video you shoot engages your audience.

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Smartphone Audio Tips

Mobile Video Shopping List



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