Puzzle 4 turned out to be more difficult than imagined.


Two of the four kids abandoned the effort about 5 minutes in. Another threw up his hands after struggling with it for 15 minutes. Number four didn’t want to give up, but after 30 minutes I figured it was time to move on.

Abandoning a puzzle was a first for us and a great lesson in adjusting the difficulty to available time. If I were to offer advice I should have identified 2-or-3 dominoes as a starting point.


Puzzle 5 was really easy, by design. I had an inkling Puzzle four would be difficult and I wanted one that folks could easily solve. I trolled the Internet looking for riddles and added a little clip art to dress the page.

Every year I create some form of a maze for the kids to solve. Last year’s version was a word maze I created through festisite.com that, unfortunately, was unsolvable. The lesson learned was to solve every puzzle, maze and riddle ahead of time to make certain there is a solution to the problem. This year I generated the maze using Discovery Education’s maze generator, embellishing it with artwork in Photoshop.


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