Puzzle two was a cryptogram I created with the Discovery Education puzzle maker. The solution led the kids to an envelope hidden under the cushions of a sofa in our 3rd floor family room. I used the word “daveno” simply because it would be unfamiliar and require a little more discovery on their part for the solution.

The envelope in the sofa held an image of a Christmas tree I created out of QR codes. I was counting on the kids understanding the technology of the clue. They immediately understood that they would find QR codes somewhere on our Christmas tree.

The kids were looking for five  QR code ornaments I had hidden on the tree. I used on-line tools to create five codes that pointed to unique URLs. I added holiday artwork, printed them and mounted them on foam core to create the ornaments.


After scanning the codes with their phones, they were directed to on-line photos of objects in our home. Under each object they would discover a puzzle piece.

The on-line photos were intentionally obscure and required the kids to consider where they may have noticed a specific object… a magnet, a small jewelry box, a number on a clock face.

I generated the QR codes with a few different tools including and QR code generator.

The QR code ornaments led the kids to parts of a photo I had cut into five segments. In hindsight I should have spent a little more time to create a more difficult puzzle as they knew where to go after one piece.

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