Script Templates You Can Download

In my presentations and workshops through StoryGuide and Ragan Communications I discuss a number of templates and script formats that can help jump-start the creative process when producing a video. Some help you to focus your message, others help you to ensure you have the elements necessary for a compelling story. For many, leveraging a script format can provide the creative scaffolding needed to stay on target and not waste time or money when shooting. Below you will find script templates, story arc worksheets, and story framework outlines. Additionally, we have provided a content grid that many organizations use in pre-production to help choose a consistent look, feel and tone for their videos. The “Composition Basics” document is a quick primer to help you use your camera to maximum effect. (You will find companion videos on framing your shot, the rule of thirds and video sequencing on the StoryGuide YouTube channel.) Please feel free to use and adapt these templates to best meet your needs. These documents are effective tools in media production, and can be used as is or with your modifications. If you have additional questions or requests, please contact us at [email protected].

Download Story Arc Template
Storyboard 5 column script example – View PDF
Three column script example – View PDF
Download Three column script
Two column script example – View PDF
Download Two column script
Download 5 column storyboard
Story grid example – View PDF
Download Story Grid Example
Download Story Framework / Outline
Composition basics – View PDF
Download Composition Basics
Storytelling brainstorm outline – View PDF
Download Brainstorm outline
Success Framework template – View PDF
Download Success Framework
Storyboard Template– View PDF
Download Storyboard Template
This document is best used by printing multiple copies for roughing out visual concepts.
Download Storyboard Template 2
Video Shot Sheet - View PDF
Download Video Shot sheet
Video Shot Worksheet Example - View PDF
Download Video Shot Worksheet Example
Video Shot Worksheet - View PDF
Download Video Shot Worksheet

Abbey, a viewer on the StoryGuide YouTube channel, asked if I had posted examples and templates for the different script formats I use. It struck me as an incredibly helpful idea.


I use two different formats, two-column and five-column, depending on who will be using the scripts. If the script is for internal use at StoryGuide, or if I will be working with an experienced crew and/or client then I use the simpler two-column format. They understand much of the shorthand nomenclature in the video column and can imagine what the shots will look like.


If the people I am working with are new to video, or if they need some help pre-visualizing how I plan to tell the story, then I use a five-column storyboard-style script. This format allows the reader to see the visuals in line with the content, and has room to add script notes.


There are lots of great storyboard and scripting software solutions out there, but I stick with simple clip-art in a Word table. This production path has the added benefit that my clients can revise the story content without needing special software. They just open it in the word processing application, make the changes and send it back.

Below you can view examples of how I use the different script formats, and you can download Word documents from the templates above to use as a starting point for your scripting needs. The example scripts include links to the resulting YouTube videos so you can follow along.


Two Column Script Example – Getting Great Audio in the Field pdf

Two Column Script Example – Using Music in Your Story pdf