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  1. Álvaro Andoin August 28, 2013 at 1:00 am #

    This a great post Drew. I have been following you and Mr. Tossolini during this last 2 years and I must admit that both of you have been a great source of inspiration (audio+video+story) from the other side of the Atlantic :-) as Mr. @documentally has been from England.

    I have an iRig myself and I think it is a great product. I have a question: Which shotgun microphone would you recommend (you hold one in the video above) to be able to record a speaker at a conference (speaker with no microphone) where you want to get a good audio quailty but you are not so close to the subject. I thought of using an H4 (XY) recorder but unless the room is completely silente, the H4 is very sensitive and would catch a lot of ambient noise.

    I am very interested in mobile live video, I do most of my video streams with iPhone and Bambuser. I personally think we have just begun to see the possibilities of mobile live video and will see this field explode as 4G rolls out. Of course we are talking about mobile phones, this are not proffesional cameras but their quality is improving vastly.


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