As the founder and president of, Drew Keller is an expert in digital and social media, coaching enterprise customers on successful media strategies. He has more than 15 years of experience in web video production and delivery. A sought-after speaker and writer, he trains and consults with companies on how to survive the digital media revolution.

Since 2006 he has been sharing best practices in social media and user engagement. Drew leverages extensive experience as an award-winning international television producer, video editor, web developer and educator. His work with StoryGuide focuses on bringing great storytelling skills to content creators, working with Fortune 100 clients to develop strategies for effective audience identification and retention. Drew guides them in developing solutions that use video throughout the sales and marketing funnel. As a ten-year Microsoft veteran he has the skills to understand both the technology of delivery and how to create engaging content.

Drew Keller has brought workshops to audiences worldwide.  He has presented  in Boston, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Las Vegas, Allentown, PA, Seattle, Miami, Orlando, Dallas, Houston, Stockholm, Brussels, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Portland, OR, and Cary, NC. Upcoming events are scheduled in New York, Florida, Calgary, Vancouver, Boise and Chicago. Topics range from “Video Production: Getting it Right” to “Search Engine Optimization and Web Video”, “Mobile Video Production” to “Targeting Digital Natives” and "Content Marketing Survival Guide".


Either as a team, or as individuals, StoryGuide media experts are available to work with your company, your team or your organization to bring you the best in best practices for new media. The StoryGuide team has helped people the world over take the next step to creating compelling and effective media, developing effective marketing strategies. Here is your opportunity to become a member of the StoryGuide community.

He presents at conferences and leads workshops on video, branding, social media, business development and mobile video production. Drew Keller conducts research on emerging media as a faculty member at the University of Washington’s Masters of Communication in Digital Media program. Drew blogs about video and digital media here at StoryGuide, and hosts video production tips on the StoryGuide YouTube channel.


He recently completed production for the PBS Documentary, “Three Minutes to Change the World” and received Emmy nominations for writing and editing on the PBS children's series “BizKid$”.


Broadcast video projects include editing for the PBS documentary series "The Meaning of Food", editing the cable series "Inter|Face" and the cable series "The Coderoom". Other recent projects include concert videos for David Byrne, Alanis Morissette and Janet Jackson; editing the PBS series "Master Chef USA"; editing the American Masters program "Vaudeville"; and editing and production on nearly 30 other long-form national and international projects. He has also created countless short-form documentaries for non-profit and community out-reach organizations.

If you have video topics or need technical help just drop us a line. We are happy to help one-on-one and your question just might spark a blog post or video tip.

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