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Fall is the time of year when I am presented with the opportunity to visit many corners of America. I get to work with great organizations, present at conferences and meet friends old and new. I am in no way an early riser. My body clock is nocturnal rather than diurnal. But when I am […]

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During the past months I focused my professional efforts towards a very specific goal: exploring the art of storytelling through interactive content that people can experience on large touch displays, in particular the awesome Microsoft Perceptive Pixel.

In partnership with Microsoft Production Studios, I’ve been invited to ideate, design and develop a variety of applications that have been featured in several company tradeshows.

Rather than just posting some photos, I thought it’d be more fun to share a couple of virtual walk-throughs created in Photosynth using a sequence of images captured with my GoPro. Enjoy!

#wpc2014 – industry evidence booth walkthrough by tosolini on photosynth

ww communities and campus @ techready19 by tosolini on photosynth

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The adoption of video in the workplace is somewhat staggering. Connecting with employees, vendors and executives is no longer reserved for global companies. Organizations of all sizes are finding video a powerful way to engage. But having the conduit for distribution does not guarantee you can create content people will watch. In my experience, the […]

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This week I had an opportunity to contribute an article to the Attorney at Work site, sharing my insights about creating video that connects with viewers. I am often gobsmacked at the poor quality of the video I see in the legal community. It is as if they are more worried about how other lawyers […]

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A few weeks before the big Academy Awards event, I had the privilege to be invited at the Oscars Nominees party organized by The Hollywood Reporter in Los Angeles (check out their nice video summary).

Our client Microsoft Bing sponsored an interactive kiosk on the red carpet, and celebrities were invited to cast their ballot on who was going to win this year.

Together with our designer Stephanie Smythies, we created an app that ran on a large 55” multi-touch Perceptive Pixel display. It was highly rewarding watching directors and actors such as Bruce Dern, Ethan Hawke, Richard Linklater and Julie Delpy engaging with the experience and having fun with it.

Definitely an unforgettable night for me.

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The international Global Corporate Communicators Conferenc ce, hosted by SWIFT, will be all about creating content that your employees and customers want to read, keep and share. Here is your opportunity to explore the role social media plays in helping you communicate quickly and efficiently. You will explore the role data plays in securing executive buy-in to your campaigns. And you will discover the secrets of storytelling to engage your audience and customers. Plan on attending this important conference February 27 and 28 in Brussels. It will change the way you do business.

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